The MediPedi Signature Medical Pedicure

MediPedi 3 Step Signature Medical Pedicure

We all love a pedicure, but if the foot isn’t prepared properly first, the finished result is often lacking. Only a podiatrist can safely and effectively remove dry hard skin that often builds up around our heels, under the balls of our feet or the sides of our toes. We highly recommend starting with our medical pedicure, you don’t know what you are missing out on!

Your service, The Medical Pedicure, is unique to our clinic and represents the pinnacle in foot health and pampering. Your appointment is broken into 3 stages.

1. FootBath 5 minute footbath in our dedicated pedicure zone. Relax and Unwind with a glass of still or sparkling water.

2. Podiatrist Treatment  Our podiatrist will see you in our Private Podiatry Room and expertly attend to any problem areas such as callus, corns or ingrown nails.  Our goal is to get your feet  smooth and comfortable again.  Action plan discussed (if required)

3. Massage and Nail Paint Luxurious foot pampering & nail paint by our qualified nail therapist back in our pedicure zone, leaving you with beautiful, healthy feet. Choose between our lovely range of Fast Dry Dazzle Dry Nail Paints or 5 Free Faby Gels.



Try Our Signature Medical Pedicure

Podiatry + Beauty

60mins – $143*

*Health Fund Rebates Apply


Try the Ultimate MediPedi Pamper
Podiatry + Indulgence + Parafin Treatment
90 mins – $200*

*Health Fund Rebates Apply